Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My summer vacation

Spent a week at my mother's cottage in Haliburton.  We had good weather, the lake water was really warm this year, so we went swimming every day. 
 This is down at the dock area, the cottage is up above this area.
 My mother on what is left of our dock.  She's going to be 90 next year, but is in good shape except for her eyesight.

This shows the stairs up to the cottage - 42 steps total!  My father built a seat for a rest half way up.  Rory is heading up.  He didn't go in the water, but came down with us.

This is the sleeping cabin - just enough space for a suitcase and a double bed.

This is a sunrise shot from the cottage deck.  I love getting up early and listening to the birds wake up.


  1. Oh my gosh I'd love to spend some time there!
    Looks so peaceful and serene...I can imagine diving off the dock and swimming... very envious!

  2. What a gorgeous location! It must have been so relaxing and restorative to hang out there.