Thursday, October 22, 2009

6 blue objects

now I have three more photos!!! this is completely random

not that much blue in my house, and I've never posted pictures before. The cat just stepped on the keyboard and deleted two of them, so I'm posting this lot now to see what happens.

blue bowl

my favourite blue bowl, good size for mixing and I love the pattern

this picture is a page from a book that I've had for a long time. the caption says "In a high chamber of the palace, it was as wonderous as that of a sultan"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So here I am, John died and I went backwards. Leroy died and I went back to the social expected role. Do I think I need a partner to live the life I dream of? A women guest blogger on Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity made big changes after her husband died suddenly.

Am I content in this place? It doesn't feel completely satisfying, yet how to change, where do I need to be? Simplify for a start. Remember when I moved in the trunk of a taxi. How did I end up with a house full of expectations?

My pets are a burden that I can't slough off - done that a couple of times and it was wrong. Wherever I go they are part of my life and they need to come along or find a really good alternate safe home.

On the positive side I donated a box of wool, a shopping bag of clothing and a small box of books to Goodwill today. And purchased nothing!