Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Five Things I don't Leave Home Without

 I've been busy the last few days and missed being tagged by Hostess (thank you, this is very exciting!!)  Now I've got a list and even a few pictures together so here you are:

My watch, I've always worn one (old school).  A few years ago I splurged and got myself a nice one.  I have a small wrist and wear it a bit loose, so it feels like a bracelet.  It will probably get scratched and worn, but I'd rather wear it than save it in a drawer.

Earings, I get a pair of studs and just wear them for years, usually until I lose one!   The current silver pair are a replacement for the exact same earing in gold. 

In my purse I always have a mini clothes brush.  Invaluable when you have cats.  More than once I've looked down at work and noticed that a bunch of hair had attached itself to my pant leg.

Kleenex, folded in a little pink leather holder from Guild Design.  It was pricey, but it makes me happy when I use it.  Plus if anyone asks for a tissue, it's more classy than a cellowrap.

House key - one is with my car keys, but I don't drive unless I have to go on site for a meeting.  If I'm  taking the TTC to work or walking the dog I have a little leather key case that holds the dog's licence so we don't get fined.

And that's my five items.  

I just went to see what some others had listed and it's interesting to see the similarities. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unnecessary Desires

Noted a blog tittle as above from Chez Danisse (not a blog I follow, I just liked the thought).  Just from trying to simplify my wardrobe and my home I know that not all of my desires are of necessity.  It's more frugal to wear everything I have, than to look for items to add, desire the new, the latest recommendation or sale that other bloggers have found. 

The real trick for me is to not add more. Metscan pointed out some time ago that if I don't go in the store, I won't be tempted. This has worked up to a point. I went into my favourite consignment shop to pick up some cash from my fall clearout and ended up purchasing one item. I never know for sure ahead of time, but I think it will be worn a lot.  So an exception was made, even though I left the store first without it but went back for it!

A cotton tunic top with pintuck detail, brand Y29, too light weight to wear now, more of a spring item.

I have lots more desires.  I was tempted by the Eric Bomben cashmere sweater sale, but I have lots of sweaters already.  I want a Hermes scarf , but I have a whole drawer full of scarves, mostly silk squares, that are enough.   I have one new pair of pants that have been waiting to be hemmed for weeks.  Somehow I've managed with the others I have already, without feeling too deprived.   Don't even get me started on yarn; I've got tons of yarn of all weights and colours but somehow I feel the need to order Schopple Wolle Zauberball Lace for a pair of socks.  What I have isn't quite right, must purchase another colour/weight/size/style.  It is endless!  The lure of the new, the latest (passing) want.
I am resisting all of these duly noted desires for now.   The cultivation of Enough feels better.  Not necessarily less, just content with the current amount.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 things about me

I'm a very quiet person.  I like to comment on a few blogs, so I probably say more to my blog friends than to my in person friends!

On my mother's side I'm seventh generation Canadian. 

I grew up in the country, and would love to retire out of the city, but I also love living in the heart of a multi-cultural city like Toronto.  But I wouldn't want to live in the suburbs.

Baroque music is my favourite, I've been attending Tafelmusik concerts for 15 years.  Sunday I was at a concert with two double harpsicords!  It was wonderful.

I learned how to ride and got my motorcycle license in my 50's.  One of the scariest, most exhillarating things I've ever done.

I only wear makeup on special occasions.

I hate the feel of tomato skins on my teeth.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend in January

I got a red amarylis for Christmas.  They shoot up so fast once they get growing, very exciting.
(I still want a green one some day.)

My current knitting obsession is Franklin Habit's 1840 Night Cap.  I have no idea why I want to knit this - I don't wear night caps, who does these days?  I won't be wearing it in out public.  I already had this fine cream wool, so it's not like I spent money on it.  Guess it's just a change from sock knitting; something a little different.

It's cold, wintry and snowing outside - a good day to curl up in a cozy spot and stay warm.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back and Forward

In the spirit of Charlotte's idea (via Metscan) to look back on the year past before making resolutions for the year to come, I'm listing some of my accomplishments for 2010:

I've knit five pairs of socks, three shawls, three vests, two cardigans, two scarves, two hats, two dishcloths, a pair of gloves, and a coffee mug cuff.

A large room upstairs has had plaster and lath removed and disposed of by me, new wiring by Phil, new drywall by Trevor, primer and paint by me.  I'm still working on paint removal from trim before I reinstall it.

I got a dog last summer.  We still need to work on the relaxed walk, but he is adding joy to my life, plus getting me out for more excercise.

I've edited my closet, and I'm being slightly more adverturous in what I wear. 

My weight is pretty much the same as last year, which I count as a win.  At this point in my life If I'm not watching what I eat the pounds can easily slip on and not off! 

So Resolutions -
  1. lose 4 lbs.
  2. eat less white sugar and crap, more vegetables
  3. sell or dispose of certain items I'm not using
  4. train the dog to be a good canine citizen
  5. finish the room upstairs
  6. set up a workroom, and use it
  7. less TV, more blogging
  8. finish the Highlander sweater
  9. go on a trip, Montreal, east coast, Slocan Valley
  10. add to my retirement fund
Nothing too difficult there, so we shall see what 2011 brings.

I hope all my blogging friends have a happy New Year, and continue to share their fascinating lives with me.