Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Charlie playing with his toy troll.
He's got plush fur like a Gund toy.

Audra watching the kittens from a safe place.  My gleaming black panther cat.

Millie on the cat tower.
She's got a bit of white, but is mostly black so I'll post her picture today with my all black guys.


  1. So how many cats do you now have? How do they get along together and what has Rory to say about it all?
    A late greeting on the Black Cat Appreciation Day !!

  2. I have five cats of my own and an adult and three kittens that I am fostering. Rory is fine with them, he's always been around cats. It's kind of cute to see a little kitten rubbing on his leg or sniffing noses with him.