Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday for the cats!

This is an excellent example of a great Black Friday special deal!!

I decided I'd have a 'no shopping' day, but I wanted to make banana bread to save money by not buying something at Starbucks every morning. And I needed yogurt. so off to the chinese grocery store. Not a big deal, 2 apples, a dozen eggs and a container of 2% yogurt. At least I avoided the temptation to get a chocolate bar.

i've been trying to reduce clutter lately. calling it clutter doesn't seem accurate, it's just a matter of having more than I really need. I want to simplify - cleaning, planning, organizing. But there's almost a ratchet effect of purchasing, especially with clothing - I try it on, get tempted, buy it and there it is in my closet or dresser. And I can't just toss it if I don't wear it often. I feel like I should plan my outfits better to use more of my wardrobe but I tend to go back to the same easy familiar items.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Decided to give my Tafelmusik ticket for Sunday matinee to B so that I could go to S's housewarming potluck dinner instead. So I was very suprised when C came up to me at the party and thanked me for the ticket. Said she only stayed to the intermission because she wanted to come to S's party! WTF!

B must have known Thursday when I offered him the ticket that he couldn't go - why didn't he just decline the ticket? I have other friends who would have enjoyed the whole concert! Or I could have gone for half.

I know once you give something away you have to let it go, but that's the last favour B is getting from me!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Modern hermit

Walking home this afternoon I was tempted into the local bookstore. Found "Cave in the Snow" about a women who lived in a cave in the mountains for years. I knew that I'd heard of her before. Later I realized that I must have seen a newspaper article about her in 1988 when she came out of her solitude.

Fascinating book, I'm glad it came into my life. I've always remembered and wondered about her, how she survived, what motivated her.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Talking to K. on the weekend. She lost her Rottweiler to cancer about the same time I lost Yo. She knows someone who has two rottis and have to find a home for one as they are moving. so she may be getting another dog. she still has Dusty as her screen saver, just like I have a picture of Yo on my desk. I should scan some of my photos of him.

She really thought she wanted a puppy. Not me, I wouldn't take on a pup at this stage. The adult dogs I've rescued have ended up being just as loyal as a pup. Wojo, the dog who came from the dog pound and had been abused seemed even more grateful for a good home.

I've been going back and forth about whether to get another dog. Some days I get on the Greyhound rescue sites and think how easy it would be. Other days I'm not so sure. It's a big committment, more so than with the cats. Plus lack of space now that I have more cats.

Mind you if someone showed up with a Ridgeback who needed a home, I think I'd jump right in.