Saturday, August 27, 2011

a funeral

Went downtown for the funeral of Jack Layton today.   I felt the urge to participate in a small way, just to be part of the event as his casket was taken from City Hall to Roy Thompson Hall for the funeral service. 

He was my Member of Parliament, but I didn't vote for him last time - I supported a friend who was running for the Green Party.  But I have voted for his party in the past, and apart from a symbolic vote for the Greens, I probably would have supported him.  And I admired so much that he changed his methods over time, became less confrontational, rising above mudslinging and attack politics to campaign on a positive message.  His contribution to the quality of my city when he was a City Councillor was huge too.

One thing I found very strange about the whole thing was the applause and even a few cheers as the hearse came by.  And the eulogies during the funeral ceremony got standing ovations!!  I guess people wanted to find a way to express what they felt about the man, what he had meant to them, the good concrete things he accomplished over his political career.

Rest in peace Jack.


  1. Oh it is so sad....Jack was a man for all seasons...we will miss him.

  2. I would have been there, too. Just a little too far to go at a busy time for me. I worry now about what will happen next election. Oh well, what is life if not to worry. I'm a mother of 3 and I do it like a pro. Thanks for dropping by and if in Carleton Place, stop in for a tea. Deb=^..^=x4

  3. Thanks for the advice on the tractor. That is one that is parked at a Sugar Shack close by. Just a photo op. We will keep safety in mind. (especially the way I drive :) Hugs, Deb