Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog school

Took Rory for his first (with me) Good Behaviour Class.  I think I've chosen well, I like the trainer's attitude to things.  For instance if you want to let the dog on your furniture that's fine, if you want to let the dog only on certain furniture, again that's okay, just be consistent.  If I don't want to work with treats that's okay. 

Rory was very nervous throughout the hour lecture part, lots of whining and fussing, but he got much better with the advanced group when we went outside.  He seemed to pick up what was expected from the other dogs, walked nicely once he calmed down.  He even did sit stays although I didn't move far away.

I'm optimistic that I'll have a great city dog if I follow the advice Jill gives me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I knew it would be dangerous

to take some outgoing clothing into my favourite consignment shop.  I did not look at any clothes at all, but the shoes and purses are displayed next to the take-in counter.   And I really have been looking for a pair of grey boots, not suede, preferably short.  So these are not completely an impulse purchase.

Staccato boots, grey.

this however was totally an impulse purchase...

At least I had a $6.75 credit at the store.  and the bag was only $34.00 ... don't ask about the boots!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughts on Minimalism

Wandering around looking for inspiration on minimalism this morning.  there's always Metscan's wonderfuld blog to get me started.  then I found Jenifer Skinner's now defunct blog on a minimalist wardrobe. 

She identified a minimalist wardrobe as saving money.  You have your set number of outfits and only replace items as they become worn out.  Makes sense, but then I realize how much emotional comfort I've been getting from shopping.   the "I'm not old and ugly - look how good I look in these new jeans/sweater/boots "  And the thought of how boring it would be to wear the same uniform over and over.  So I go ahead and purchase the whatever, bring it home with no plan to integrate it and it hangs in my closet.  Taking up space, representing my money, my image, my so-called fashionable future.

There's part of the reason I have 12 pairs of jeans.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I really only carry one bag at a time; I can't get into a bag 'wardrobe' and changing them over for different outfits etc.

This is my everyday bag, a Kitamura.  My bags have to be very functional - they have to hold my stainless steel coffee mug, my wallet, the Blackberry and my current knittng project.  Occasionally I have to carry 81/2 by 11 inch drawings or files for work so I need a fairly large bag to be a briefcase too.

I don't like bags with a bunch of compartments; I want one big open space with perhaps a small pocket on the side for my Starbucks card and transit pass.

the red shoulder bag is from Rudsak.  I don't use it very much, bought it on sale to carry the occasional times on the weekend when I'm not toting much more than the wallet and keys.  Love the colour and it works year round as far as I'm concerned.

this is my black bag for winter, by Morris B, a Canadian company. It's similar to the tan bag - large enough for all the things I need to carry day to day, long enough strap that it goes over my shoulder, made from real leather. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Mercedes cat died last night.  I went up this morning to give her her meds and she was gone.

Stopped me in my tracks.  Went back later, wrapped her in silk and buried her in the back yard.  Said a prayer, carried on with my day - stoic.

Now I'm tearing up, she was such a sweet little cat, she came in out of the cold and I wish she'd had a longer life of comfort.  I don't think she was more than three or four years old. 

Bless you on your journey little one.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do I really need ...

Twelve pairs of jeans?

Have to give this some thought.  Some of them are 'work' jeans and some are 'office' jeans.  And possibly a couple of them don't fit anymore, if we're being really honest.  And the fancy ones with the designs and beading that I spent a bunch of money on are now my least favourite jeans.  i.e. I never wear them. 

I need to get over the 'I spent a lot on this, I can't just toss it now'.  As Leo Babauta says, I've already spent the money, I can't get it back.