Monday, September 20, 2010

I knew it would be dangerous

to take some outgoing clothing into my favourite consignment shop.  I did not look at any clothes at all, but the shoes and purses are displayed next to the take-in counter.   And I really have been looking for a pair of grey boots, not suede, preferably short.  So these are not completely an impulse purchase.

Staccato boots, grey.

this however was totally an impulse purchase...

At least I had a $6.75 credit at the store.  and the bag was only $34.00 ... don't ask about the boots!


  1. Hi Northmoon - I think your bag looks good. The print/texture is more abstract than a literal reptile print, so it works, IMO. LOVE those boots too!!!

  2. I think the bag looks very good. LOVE the boots. Oh, I see I wrote the exact same thing as DejaPseu. I must be right.

  3. Northmoon, the consignment store is a dangerous place for you ! Could you just leave your bags in and then run out? Maybe you could leave your things over, when you are in an awful hurry to some other place? Stores of this type are very addictive, I know. Btw, the bag does not look cheap in the picture : )!

  4. Thank's everyone!! I'll be taking the new bag for a spin soon.

    Yes, Metscan, I need to plan my visits to the consignment store when I'm in a hurry.