Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughts on Minimalism

Wandering around looking for inspiration on minimalism this morning.  there's always Metscan's wonderfuld blog to get me started.  then I found Jenifer Skinner's now defunct blog on a minimalist wardrobe. 

She identified a minimalist wardrobe as saving money.  You have your set number of outfits and only replace items as they become worn out.  Makes sense, but then I realize how much emotional comfort I've been getting from shopping.   the "I'm not old and ugly - look how good I look in these new jeans/sweater/boots "  And the thought of how boring it would be to wear the same uniform over and over.  So I go ahead and purchase the whatever, bring it home with no plan to integrate it and it hangs in my closet.  Taking up space, representing my money, my image, my so-called fashionable future.

There's part of the reason I have 12 pairs of jeans.


  1. I look at minimalism in a different way. I want matchable, high quality clothes in my wardrobe. I don´t need much. I also wish to take care of my clothes and make my donations before the clothes are all worn out. I too have enjoyed shopping, but I believe that following this three-shop concept is worth trying.

  2. I thought I'd left you a comment but it seems to have been lost in cyber-space. Just wanted to say that I think your analysis of your shopping patterns is a first step toward a more stream-lined wardrobe. I can't imagine minimalism happening in one fell swoop except for those who have always been committed to it by nature. So good for you for moving in that direction, even just in thinking about it!