Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do I really need ...

Twelve pairs of jeans?

Have to give this some thought.  Some of them are 'work' jeans and some are 'office' jeans.  And possibly a couple of them don't fit anymore, if we're being really honest.  And the fancy ones with the designs and beading that I spent a bunch of money on are now my least favourite jeans.  i.e. I never wear them. 

I need to get over the 'I spent a lot on this, I can't just toss it now'.  As Leo Babauta says, I've already spent the money, I can't get it back.


  1. Hey, the picture of your jeans is modern art! Were I you, I would do some small changes, enlarge the picture, and have it framed!

  2. Maybe there is a resale/consignment shop where you live...
    and then if you sell them you can treat yourself to something new without the guilt!

  3. So many jeans you don't wear? I think it's time to switch to skirts and dresses.After all they are made for the female body.There must be a good reason.The fear quote is to die for or better yet to live by.