Friday, October 29, 2010

Black and Grey

Gazing at my closet the other night, and I noticed how little colour there is.  The turquoise and gold in the photo are both scarves.  The rest, jackets, sweaters and tops are almost all black, grey or white with one purple and one brown exception.  Pants are even less varied.  Am I this depressed? 

I do feel that bright colour is more for young people.  Plus since my hair is gray now, I'm not into the fall shades I used to wear.  Lately it's been all about clear colour and blue/grey shades, partly because that's what is available right now and partly my preferances.

Duchesse's recent blog had a theory that lighter fabrics and brighter colours reflect/cause a happier more attractive life.  She had a friend who made a decision to change her wardrobe this way, and ended up with a lighter spirit and a new love in her life.  Interesting thought.

One question would be which changes first, the inside or the outside?  I may try to add a bit of bright and see what happens!


  1. Your closet looks very much like mine!
    I add colour in scarves and shoes....

    Your question posed is an interesting one...I think it might happen in tandem...nudge a little here, nudge a little there...add a smattering of colour and see if you feel different!

    Keep us in the loop.

  2. I think that the change starts from the inside. When you feel high, you choose pops of colors, perhaps. When feeling down, red tights won´t lift your mood. Using only a few darkish colors, does not necessarily mean, that you are mourning. I have much black now in my closet, because my new black is black, although I love gray too.
    My wish would be, to be noticed by what I am, not by what I wear and have!