Sunday, October 17, 2010


There's a blogging challenge going on to limit what you wear to twelve items.  I can't get into it.  Seems to me I should be trying to wear everything in my closet in rotation.  If I've bought it and I don't wear it's just a waste.  I buy on a whim and then never wear the new item.  It hangs in the closet or is lost in the drawers while I go back to the same few things over and over, mostly pants and sweaters. 

The concept of limiting your wardrobe artificially when so many have no choice in the matter just doesn't appeal today. 

I'm a bit down today anyway, a bit angry too.  My friend B. died on Friday.  Died or killed herself, or was killed; the police are calling it 'suspicious'.  There's alcohol and an abusive ex spouse involved.  Only God knows the truth. 

Rest in peace B, your suffering is over for this round.

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  1. I´m sorry to read about your friend´s death first now. Your reaction is understandable.
    As you yourself mentioned in my blog, we are alikes. We buy clothes, but admire them in our closets, wearing them is difficult.
    What if you took all ( almost all ) of your " safe " clothes to charity, and start wearing your good stuff, because there is nothing else?
    I got rid of all my bling blang jewelry, so now I have to wear the good stuff, or not wear anything ; ) !