Saturday, November 27, 2010

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Eversley Ontario

Eversely Presbyterian Church

Metscan posted a photo of a church in Finland that reminds me so much of this little church that is in the village where I went to public school.   Her version is much taller and grander, and has a bell tower!, but the stone construction and the window shape is very similar.

This little church was built in 1848. 


  1. I saw metscan's post this morning too.

    I think this church is quaint and charming and the rockwork works with the window design.
    It looks small enough to be a country parish church...I can only imagin the interior treatment...maybe an open beamed ceiling and wood benches for seating ?

  2. What a cute small church! Do you know the building year? The one in Sipoo has no actual flooring. The benches are placed on the actual ground.