Thursday, March 31, 2011

New shoes

I was checking out the summer Fluevogs on line as I have a small discount that expires soon.  And I need want some new sandals.  Thought that these might be nice, pretty colour, cutouts for cool feet, nice heel height etc.  

Belle Star (Aqua Blue)

So as I work near the Toronto store the other day on the way home I stopped by to see them in person and may-be try them on.

Then the saleswoman brought another pair over as well - since I was trying on summer shoes and all.

And I immediately abandoned the pretty aqua number for serious platform purple and grey slip on sandals.  I have a very small instep, so usually this style of shoe is too big over the top of my foot, but not these.  Comfort, good fit and an extra inch of height.
Curie (Indigo & Gray)

These are mine.  Nobody tell me that they are "too young" for me.  I don't care.  These will look amazing with a pair of wide leg jeans that I have.  I am willing to build the rest of my summer wardrobe around these shoes.  I love these shoes. 

Now if the weather would just be more than a few degrees above freezing so I can wear them!


  1. Either pair would have been a great choice! Very nice!

  2. The first pair seem very feminine and dressy...the second pair look like they are more versatile...and not too young!
    In my humble opinion.

    They'll be a fun addition to your wardrobe.