Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enough already!

The view from my front door.  That's not my car, but mine will be in the same state further down the block.  The grass was getting green last week, now we have this.   I saw a robin this morning, poor guy - how will he find worms in this?

At least it won't last very long.


  1. Bummer! We've been having a bout of cold (for us) and rainy weather too. No spring in sight...

  2. A very familiar sight over here too, except that I have not seen anything green on the ground since last October..

  3. You have a wonderful blog and I have not been diligent enough to tell you so.

    I'm in love with your animals. At one point we had four dogs and one cat. We now have two dogs and we're negotiating about a cat. Our cat was soooooo wonderful it's hard to think about another, but as we all know each animal has his or her personality. Only problem with the cat is, all of our walls are covered with fabric and when our last cat had had enough of the dogs he scaled the walls. We always watched in terror praying that he wouldn't slip and slice the fabric on his descent.

    I never thought about feeding my geese. What a twit I am.

    Thank you for your visits. It always cheers me to see you.

    Warmest regards,

  4. I'm sorry, I'm having a laugh at the thought of your cat running up the walls;) I think that is rather unusual even for a cat!

    Thank you for the lovely compliment. I love your blog window on your life in France.

    PS I'll have some special kitten blogs coming up soon.