Monday, April 25, 2011


I was helping my Mother clear out a little on Saturday. She's starting to think about what she would keep if she moved to an apartment. She wants to send some furniture to a consignment shop now, so today I took some photos and we went to the store. While we were in the shop a woman came in looking for a dresser, we showed her the picture of ours and she liked it, so one thing might be sold without even having to go into the store!

Plus another bonus, even though I saw some things I liked, I resisted any purchases. My mother however, bought four pretty plates. Decluttering isn't easy!


  1. Northmoon,

    It's very wise of your mother to start before she has to move...
    it's easier than packing it all up and then de cluttering.

    We have a great furniture and household consignment store here too.
    It's a great idea and the online kiiji is easy too.

    Good luck!

  2. What luck you had with the dresser! Oh, and I so admire you for not buying anything. I can resist the antique and likes shops, but am too impulsive in many other shops.