Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Five Things I don't Leave Home Without

 I've been busy the last few days and missed being tagged by Hostess (thank you, this is very exciting!!)  Now I've got a list and even a few pictures together so here you are:

My watch, I've always worn one (old school).  A few years ago I splurged and got myself a nice one.  I have a small wrist and wear it a bit loose, so it feels like a bracelet.  It will probably get scratched and worn, but I'd rather wear it than save it in a drawer.

Earings, I get a pair of studs and just wear them for years, usually until I lose one!   The current silver pair are a replacement for the exact same earing in gold. 

In my purse I always have a mini clothes brush.  Invaluable when you have cats.  More than once I've looked down at work and noticed that a bunch of hair had attached itself to my pant leg.

Kleenex, folded in a little pink leather holder from Guild Design.  It was pricey, but it makes me happy when I use it.  Plus if anyone asks for a tissue, it's more classy than a cellowrap.

House key - one is with my car keys, but I don't drive unless I have to go on site for a meeting.  If I'm  taking the TTC to work or walking the dog I have a little leather key case that holds the dog's licence so we don't get fined.

And that's my five items.  

I just went to see what some others had listed and it's interesting to see the similarities. 

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  1. Oh my your tissue holder is luxe! You are so right about having a nice case for tissues...much more elegant than the loose ones I put in my pockets !
    and the watch definitely deserves to be out and about.