Sunday, February 6, 2011

One can't always know in advance

" One can't always know in advance what clothing will lift your spirits. Nor what pieces will resurface in your wardrobe over and over again."
posted by Lisa from Priviledge on Imogen Lamprort's blog Inside out Style.

This comment points out the problem I have with wardrobe plans,  'must have pieces' and shopping for clothes in general.   I have been dressing myself for a long time but I still am never sure when I purchase something if it will be loved and worn to death or will sit on the hanger, never quite right for my life.   While I have a slightly better idea now of what will have staying power in my closet, I still get sucked in by weird different things I think should work, but somehow they don't.  For example I have these very similar tops:

Never worn either one.  Pictured the dress on the left worn with leggings.  I've seen several stylish women in this type of look.  I have the leggings.  Never had the courage to put it on and wear it out of the house.  At least I didn't spend too much money on them, but still it is a waste of space if they just sit in my closet.

Of course part of the problem is I tend to pick up what I come across while browsing, especially if it's a bargain. Yet sometimes these impulse purchases turn out to be wonderful additions that I love to wear.   If I can get past the self-centered fear of looking 'different'.


  1. I'd like to see these with and then a pair of ballet flats...they both look comfortable...if you are not too sure try wearing them around the house more often and "see if they grow on you"
    then make the leap of wearing them out and see how you feel.

    I wonder if you are not sure because they are both patterned...
    I generally shy away from patterns but since Pepper has come to the Bungalow I have been experimenting with leopard and animal prints...

    Looking "different" takes a leap of faith too...and we have many sides to our personalities...what I'd wear to an art show is very different than what I'd wear to work.

    Browsing the shops with so many great choices...that's the fun part !
    Happy shopping!

  2. I believe in love on ( with? ) first sight! My best purchases are nearly always impulse purchases. I quickly go through my wardrobe in my mind and make my decision.
    A very low price makes me suspicious.. I also had leggings, never even opened the package. Not meant for me.
    When I buy something new ( anything ), I part with something I have had. This way, my closet stays in balance. As I have earlier told, I try to concentrate only on a few shops.

  3. Have you tried the dress on with leggings and looked at some different poses/angles in the mirror? Is the look just very different than what you normally wear? Does the style feel incongruous for you, or do you worry that you'll generate attention?

    Sometimes I still have to sort out whether I'm just not feeling something on me, or whether I like it but am timid about wearing something that (I think) will draw more attention. Both of those pieces are nice looking. I can really picture the top dress with leggings and ballet flats.

  4. Northmoon,I come via Metscan's blog.
    You could also wear them with leggings & knee boots. Ida

  5. How did I miss this post! Thank you. And my apologies for my late presence:).