Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unnecessary Desires

Noted a blog tittle as above from Chez Danisse (not a blog I follow, I just liked the thought).  Just from trying to simplify my wardrobe and my home I know that not all of my desires are of necessity.  It's more frugal to wear everything I have, than to look for items to add, desire the new, the latest recommendation or sale that other bloggers have found. 

The real trick for me is to not add more. Metscan pointed out some time ago that if I don't go in the store, I won't be tempted. This has worked up to a point. I went into my favourite consignment shop to pick up some cash from my fall clearout and ended up purchasing one item. I never know for sure ahead of time, but I think it will be worn a lot.  So an exception was made, even though I left the store first without it but went back for it!

A cotton tunic top with pintuck detail, brand Y29, too light weight to wear now, more of a spring item.

I have lots more desires.  I was tempted by the Eric Bomben cashmere sweater sale, but I have lots of sweaters already.  I want a Hermes scarf , but I have a whole drawer full of scarves, mostly silk squares, that are enough.   I have one new pair of pants that have been waiting to be hemmed for weeks.  Somehow I've managed with the others I have already, without feeling too deprived.   Don't even get me started on yarn; I've got tons of yarn of all weights and colours but somehow I feel the need to order Schopple Wolle Zauberball Lace for a pair of socks.  What I have isn't quite right, must purchase another colour/weight/size/style.  It is endless!  The lure of the new, the latest (passing) want.
I am resisting all of these duly noted desires for now.   The cultivation of Enough feels better.  Not necessarily less, just content with the current amount.


  1. I feel that there is a commonality linking us through cyberspace...
    I agree less is more
    simplifying our "stuff",
    buying fewer things but things of higher quality and durability...

    I suggest one Hermes the right time, to fulfill your dream will be very satisfying and you'll have it forever :)


  2. Hostess, you are an enabler LOL.

    Thank you for your encouragement, they are the very best quality and design. When the time is right, one will be mine!

  3. If you are able to and You like your old stuff, then wearing the clothes you have, is the most frugal way to act.
    But since we are women, and most women dream having nice things, it feels so, so hard not to get something new every now and then. Therefore your purchase is quite understandable.
    In general, I agree with Hostess, only I might buy a great bag; )

  4. Looks like mette and I are a bad influence!

    Do look for vintage Hermes might find one that you like for a fraction of the original cost...but if you are at all into the experience of trying them on and having the whole packaging ribbon tying event then you must shop in person..they usually pop the latest book of how to tie them and some fragrance samples and that, for me is part of the whole experience.

    I wonder what bag mette would suggest...she has great taste.

    BTW I tagged you this morning.