Monday, January 3, 2011

Back and Forward

In the spirit of Charlotte's idea (via Metscan) to look back on the year past before making resolutions for the year to come, I'm listing some of my accomplishments for 2010:

I've knit five pairs of socks, three shawls, three vests, two cardigans, two scarves, two hats, two dishcloths, a pair of gloves, and a coffee mug cuff.

A large room upstairs has had plaster and lath removed and disposed of by me, new wiring by Phil, new drywall by Trevor, primer and paint by me.  I'm still working on paint removal from trim before I reinstall it.

I got a dog last summer.  We still need to work on the relaxed walk, but he is adding joy to my life, plus getting me out for more excercise.

I've edited my closet, and I'm being slightly more adverturous in what I wear. 

My weight is pretty much the same as last year, which I count as a win.  At this point in my life If I'm not watching what I eat the pounds can easily slip on and not off! 

So Resolutions -
  1. lose 4 lbs.
  2. eat less white sugar and crap, more vegetables
  3. sell or dispose of certain items I'm not using
  4. train the dog to be a good canine citizen
  5. finish the room upstairs
  6. set up a workroom, and use it
  7. less TV, more blogging
  8. finish the Highlander sweater
  9. go on a trip, Montreal, east coast, Slocan Valley
  10. add to my retirement fund
Nothing too difficult there, so we shall see what 2011 brings.

I hope all my blogging friends have a happy New Year, and continue to share their fascinating lives with me.


  1. You have accomplished a lot last year, bravo !
    Your plans for this year are very reasonable, bravo!
    You did and can do it, bravo!

  2. Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself. I wish my 2010 list were anywhere near as long and constructive -- on many levels -- as yours. I think that's why I've jump-started 2011.

    Happy, happy new year and here's to more adventure and accomplishments.

    Warmest regards,

  3. I've just read up all of your blog entries above this - it's so good to learn more about you! Thank you for being a blogging friend. :)