Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time to let go?

I had this pottery pitcher that I used to fill the cats' water dish.  Sadly I left an inch or so of water in it one day.  One of my cats tried to get at this water, knocked it off the counter and broke the handle.

I love the glaze, the colours, the way it goes over the top to the inside; I am finding it very hard to toss it out.

I've found this unusual japanese vessel in a thrift shop, that I now use to fill the water bowl.  The glaze is plain brown, but the shape is pleasing, especially when the water pours out.

So is it time to let go of the old and broken, and just keep the new functional object, or is there room for a pretty but useless article?


  1. Yes, it is time to rid yourself from the broken pitcher. But do you actually need a pitcher at all? I fill my boys water cups from the water tap, get to rinse them clean too, btw.

  2. I like how your new pitcher is basically untippable by curious felines. ;)