Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moving on

Speaking to an old friend about how I'm trying to declutter a bit.  She said that shouldn't be a problem for me as she's seen me let go of stuff before.  She's right, I've had events in my life I've pretty much left/lost everything - including my planned future with someone (twice). 

On the other hand, I still have a few items from my Vancouver life when I was 21.  A glass jar that I use for sugar, it probably was a candy jar in a general store. 

It's good to have things around a long time that I still use.


  1. I have my sugar in that very same jar!

    Sounds like you have had some challenges and your friend obviously knows that you are a strong woman.
    Decluttering is very theraputic for me and I hope that you will enjoy the process too.

  2. I am eagerly encouraging you to continue your decluttering! You will be so happy in the end, and before you even know it, decluttering becomes an everyday habit, a lifestyle.