Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden June 8 2014

The garden is doing well, and so far I'm keeping up with the weeds.  I try to spend a few minutes every day pulling some out.  The rhubarb is up, solomon's seal and daylily are thriving.  Taking up too much space in fact, I'd like to give some away.   For some reason I hate to just pull them out and kill them. 
The twisted poles in front each have a tomato plant, with basil around the edge, chives and rosemary in pots.

Found these little chairs abandoned by a neighbour - perfect with my Ikea table for sitting out with a morning coffee.  I don't like to get too fancy with the patio furniture in case it gets stolen (my yard is accessible from a lane at the back).

On of my geraniums is in bloom.  Not a good rendition of the colour, perhaps I need (want) a better camera.


  1. Looking good. Solomon's Seal is one of my favourites.

  2. I love all the beauty in the garden! Hope you and the hubs begin to feel better soon and that the recent health news is treatable :) Blessings,
    Wonderful Garden