Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring update

Good news about Rory since my last post - I took him off the medication in January and he recovered his 'joie de vie' within days.  So relieved to have my dog back, running around like a big silly.

Since it's finally warmed up in Toronto I've been doing a bit of an upgrade to the back garden.  I moved the path over to be more aligned with the edges.  It was bothering me that it wasn't parallel.  It still has a gentle curve, but I'm going to say that adds to the charm.   Right now the garden looks at it's best; there are no weeds visible.  It just hasn't gotten away from me yet; I know the seeds and roots are there waiting to overwhelm whatever I'm trying to grow.

Audra seems to approve of the new path location also.  Those are three daffodil flowers in the back of the daylily clump.

Might get to the Evergreen Brickyards garden centre this week and pick up some fancy heirloom tomatoes since I never got around to starting the seeds I saved from last years crop.   I will not be planting potatoes however; complete waste of $6.00 for four last year that produced about a handful of tiny potatoes.  (I should let that go, everyone makes silly purchases once in a while.)

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