Monday, January 9, 2012

visible Monday

I love this Akris jacket, but I haven't worn it much.   In the spirit of either use it or toss it, I'm going to start using it.  Slim black pants, white tshirt under were easy choices.  My Art boots to provide a bit of whimsy  At the last minute I thought a scarf at the neck would be a good idea so I grabbed a little pink pattern silk square.  I'd rather have something with more punch, but I was already late for work.

This is what I do with my wardrobe - I buy a bunch of unrelated things that I love when I buy them, but no idea of an outfit for them so they hang in my closet while I wear the same sweater/pants combinations over and over.  Laziness!!!

I have never participated in this but I love the idea, hope I can do this link thing correctly!


  1. Hello Northmoon, and thanks so much for joining in at Visible Monday. I am enjoying reading through your blog, and I am so adoring your pets. We have a Charlie Longlegs twin, named King, aka the Four Foot Long Cat.

    Your jacket's very handsome, and the pink scarf frames it nicely!

  2. Hi Northmoon, that's a really nice looking jacket! I found it helps to lay out some ensembles in a "polyvore on the floor" manner to see what might coordinate, then try on the various ensembles. I shop now with a more "coordinated" objective (e.g. need tops that will work with Skirt X).

  3. I LOVE your jacket! Can't imagine you tossing this one. Rory is just too adorable!