Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've been fostering these little guys since they were six weeks old (now they are eight months old).  Their mother was feral, so she couldn't come inside with them.  Toronto Cat Rescue had her spayd and returned to her colony.  
For a while the kittens had a foster mother whose kittens had just been adopted.   She seemed glad to have more kids to look after so there were no problems.  She would even let them suck on her sometimes even though there was no milk!!   Originally there were four of them, but one cute grey fluffy one was adopted as soon as they were put on the website.   In November another one plus the foster mother found their a forever homes.  Now there are only two of them left.  They are very sweet cats, they romp and play with each other and they also look after each other.

I confess I broke down and adopted the one myself - Pico, the one with the heart on his shoulder and the white tip on his tail.   Now I'm not sure I can separate him from his brother, so I may have to adopt him too!  

Update: the guy who adopted his brother in November sent me a Facebook message that he's thinking of a second cat.  So he might take him.  I've got mixed feelings, but Pico gets along well with one of my other male cats, so he'd get over the loss of his brother.  And Yas would have company; right now he's an only cat and alone all day.

I'm trying to think of it as decluttering cats!


  1. The kittens look adorable together!
    Since you already have other cats, maybe you could part from the "brother"?
    I know, it´s easy for me to say, not having to deal with the matter myself, but since the " November guy " is thinking about a second cat..

  2. I've done animail rescue, especially kitty cats, for almost 30 years...please let the brothers stay together! I've watched cats grieve so hard for siblings that they have almost died. The company they give each other, and you, will be worth all of your time and effort - and love!

    Thank you