Saturday, October 29, 2011

the tyranny of stuff

"Give yourself time my friend and you will start to see that the ties that bind you to stuff will begin to weaken and you will finally be free from the tyranny of placing too much importance on stuff. Very little of it matters and the more you declutter the more you will come to realise that. Just keep letting go of it and it will begin to let go of you."

Great advice from the blog 365 less things .  
Today as I looked through my off season clothing that had been stored over summer, I found a dress with a moth hole right in the centre front of the top.  I might be able to repair a small hole on a sleeve, but this has made the dress into garbage.  Not a huge loss, since I hadn't worn it for several years anyway.  The question is, why do I have so many things that I can't properly look after them?   This isn't valuing my posessions, it's me creating junk!  Pictures that aren't framed and displayed get mildew in the basement, wool items get moth eaten, metal rusts.  I might as well toss it now, or even better give it to someone who will value and look after it.
Plus it's a beautiful weekend and I'm inside dealing with clutter.  This is a poor way to live my life. 
Good news is I've rented the upstairs apartment.  Which is one of the reasons I have to deal with some of the extra stuff I had stored up there.  Now I have to be careful not to go buy more things I think I need, just because I have the extra income.   The 'one in one out' principle must be adhered to!
Cat photos - I love Audra's golden eyes!

The kittens are getting bigger.  This is a rare shot of all three together.


  1. Good to read, that you are making progress!
    If you found a hole in one piece of your clothing, there surely are holes in others too, so while you ´re at it.. I´m supporting your idea of getting rid the rest of the old clothes and stuff as well ; )

  2. Hi Northmoon, thank you for mentioning my blog and I am so glad you are making progress with your own clutter. You are so right about thing perishing while not being used. After leaving stuff in storage in Australia to go to live in America for a couple of years and not returning for over 7 I found out how true that situation was. Sofa seating, electrical goods and anything with elastic in it are just a few things that didn't stand the test of time. Some things can actually become unusable quicker by not using them.
    Colleen @

  3. Oh my gosh, such kitten and cat awesomeness!

    I am agreed about clutter and letting things go - I need to focus more on doing that, myself.

    Happy New Year to you, and thank you for all the lovely comments. :)