Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old clutter

This weekend I got into some serious decluttering.  Following an example I saw on Raverly, I decided to let go of 50 items.  At first it was difficult, but as I went along it got easier, and I made it to 50 without too much difficulty.

Even better, I was able to let go of some sort of sentimental things that I'd carried around a long time.  Some of them I didn't even like much, for example a majorica plate from my grandmother, some were in poor shape like a strange egyptian wall hanging from a great aunt; some didn't work, like a watch my former husband gave me before we were married.  No reason to to be constrained by family history, have shabby things or hang on to the past.  Let it all go.

I also parted with some extras like the fourth set of sheets, or the odd towel. I find it difficult to part with these types of things, but honestly I think I'd prefer to have a spacious feeling instead of being overwhelmed by stuff. I even let go of a few books!

Picture of Rory and Pico - nothing to do with decluttering!


  1. De-cluttering is so theraputic. I love how it frees up more than just space, it gives one a sense of peace and calm.
    My Pepper would have been right in the action as is her usual routine.
    Pico is so tiny and adorable!

  2. Can you hear me applauding ; )!

  3. I think the beneficial effect of de-cluttering kicks in after a few days /even weeks. The feeling of complete satisfaction from walking through a spacious apartment and the hollow noise the closet door makes resonating within the empty space.
    I bet Rory and Pico were exhausted from all the commotion.