Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royals of a certain age

So why was it that not one commentator that I listened to mentioned Princess Anne or any other members of the royal family over the age of forty except the members of the wedding party, and the Queen?   Princess Beatrice and Eugenie got a mention, but the older generation was invisible.

My mother watched on BBC and she said that they were identifying various monarchs from around the world who were there.

Edit:  Just found with 19 identified photos of wedding hats, including a delightful Queen of Denmark.  I loved all the hats, I won't snear at anyone's right to go crazy with the headgear at an occasion like this.  Even the infamous 'deer in the headlights' hat that Princess Beatrice wore. 

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  1. I did not watch this wedding at all. The Royal Wedding in Denmark, years ago, when the Australian Mary became The Royal Princess, was the last Royal Wedding I have seen on TV.
    Now, seeing Prince William, I am a bit shocked. I thought that he is good looking, but now he looks more and more like his father (;