Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rory's surgery

I had been wondering what the lump on his back leg was ever since I got him last year. So when we were at the vets for his spring heartworm check and perscription I asked. Turns out it's a mast cell tumour - cancerous and needed to be removed. Yesterday I took him in yesterday morning, was expecting to pick him up after work. Called at 5:30 pm and they said another hour. 8:30 pm and still no call, I found myself panicing a little, imagining he'd died on the operating table and they weren't going to tell me.  Turns out they were short staffed, so I got him later in the evening, and he's home recovering.

For a while after I got him I was worried that we weren't bonding - guess I'm over that! 


  1. He looks tuckered out...
    hope that he recovers swiftly.

    He must be loved and pampered to be slumbering on the sofa :)

    Hope that you do not get too tired taking care of him...
    it's stressful when our pets are ill.

  2. I really, really hope, that they got all of the tumor away.
    It is strange, that especially dogs get adjusted surprisingly quickly in wearing the plastic collar, to the extent, that the one who is most nervous, is the dog´s owner; ).
    Some changes have to be made at home though. Naturally you have moved stuff temporarily to a safe place, as the collar takes much space . Wishing your dog a quick recovery!