Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brown skirt

 I was taking a bag of clothing in to my local thrift store.  I did a quick browse through the skirts thinking I might find a maxi skirt for the summer.   Instead I found this rather interesting skirt in a winter weight, made in France, and a size 2 only $10 so I bought it.  No idea about the label "Palise".  And I am most definitely not a size 2 but it fits.  So perhaps with some black boots in the fall?  But I don't know what to wear for a top with this.  That's the problem with thifting "interesting" items; I fall down on the styling for the rest of the outfit. 

Here's a shot of Pico asleep in the bay window.  I think it's cute how he kind of missed the cat bed.  Kittens just crash where they are at when they get tired. 
The three that are left were at another adoptathon this Saturday but no luck finding homes.  As they get older they are not that cute looking anymore, kind of gawky with little monkey faces.  They are getting more friendly though and it is fun to have them around.


  1. Your skirt has some interesting details, i trust you to find the tops and shoes for it.
    I´m keeping my thumbs up for those kittens finding a nice homes!

  2. Oh that little furry kitten is so cute! I love how cats stretch out and soak up the sunshine.
    Your Palise skirt has some great reminds me of the brand Sandwich.

    I admire your care taking of these kittens...