Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday for the cats!

This is an excellent example of a great Black Friday special deal!!

I decided I'd have a 'no shopping' day, but I wanted to make banana bread to save money by not buying something at Starbucks every morning. And I needed yogurt. so off to the chinese grocery store. Not a big deal, 2 apples, a dozen eggs and a container of 2% yogurt. At least I avoided the temptation to get a chocolate bar.

i've been trying to reduce clutter lately. calling it clutter doesn't seem accurate, it's just a matter of having more than I really need. I want to simplify - cleaning, planning, organizing. But there's almost a ratchet effect of purchasing, especially with clothing - I try it on, get tempted, buy it and there it is in my closet or dresser. And I can't just toss it if I don't wear it often. I feel like I should plan my outfits better to use more of my wardrobe but I tend to go back to the same easy familiar items.

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  1. love reading your blog! i too am a "hoarder" of clothes. i could post more outfits, if i could find them in my mess of closets. i too am vowing to de-clutter(that was my last weeks goal) but, here i sit, procrastinating! oh, well, there's always next week! visit me sometime!