Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So here I am, John died and I went backwards. Leroy died and I went back to the social expected role. Do I think I need a partner to live the life I dream of? A women guest blogger on Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity made big changes after her husband died suddenly.

Am I content in this place? It doesn't feel completely satisfying, yet how to change, where do I need to be? Simplify for a start. Remember when I moved in the trunk of a taxi. How did I end up with a house full of expectations?

My pets are a burden that I can't slough off - done that a couple of times and it was wrong. Wherever I go they are part of my life and they need to come along or find a really good alternate safe home.

On the positive side I donated a box of wool, a shopping bag of clothing and a small box of books to Goodwill today. And purchased nothing!

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