Monday, February 25, 2013

Black Monday

Today's theme is black, so easy, so timeless, so Monday morning.  Black turtleneck, black pants, black high boots.  The high boots are a necessity in this slushy city weather if I don't want to have to dryclean my pants every time I wear them.

Note the dog's nose from the doorway.  He wanted to be in the shot too!  Or more likely he wanted me to stop messing about and feed him.  Not sure what happened to the colour, I swear I didn't change a thing on the camera and it's gone all yellow.  Oh well, the other shots were all weird or had a dog in front of me, so this will do.
I did accessorize though, very proud of myself.  This pendant is by a Canadian designer named Rafael, given to me by my parents in the 70's.  I always enjoy wearing it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simplify the kitchen

There are similarities between my eating patterns and my wardrobe.   Much like the wardrobe, items purchased on sale and never eaten are a waste of money, space and they clutter my life to such an extent that I can't function efficiently.  I end up eating fast sweet junk food instead of the healthy diet I know is better for me.

A good friend who is an excellent cook told me that spices do not last forever and should be thrown out after a certain period.  I think she might have said six months, but my brain wouldn't register the time period as I still have the same bags of spices and herbs that I bought before John died almost 13 years ago.  Have and use by the way.

So, shocked into rethinking my cooking habits I recently did a big clean out of my refrigerator and cupboards.  There were many expired items and things purchased for one particular recipe never to be used again - bulgar wheat anyone?  Like the mantra with clothing, if you haven't used it in a year get rid of it.  Or at least cook something else with it right away; my Scottish heritage won't let me just toss everything!

Fruit - will it be food or compost?

I regularly waste fresh food because I don't get around to eating it.  I'm very bad at thinking "I need to eat more vegetables", so I purchase random vegetables and let them rot in the refrigerator.  This won't do.  If I simplify my diet to certain planned dishes, have a meal plan for the week, the food on hand will fit what I will actually cook and eat.  Maccaroni and cheese is good, cornbread would work, salad is possible if I prepare everything washed and cut in advance.

The kitchen and diet declutter is on!