Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simplify the kitchen

There are similarities between my eating patterns and my wardrobe.   Much like the wardrobe, items purchased on sale and never eaten are a waste of money, space and they clutter my life to such an extent that I can't function efficiently.  I end up eating fast sweet junk food instead of the healthy diet I know is better for me.

A good friend who is an excellent cook told me that spices do not last forever and should be thrown out after a certain period.  I think she might have said six months, but my brain wouldn't register the time period as I still have the same bags of spices and herbs that I bought before John died almost 13 years ago.  Have and use by the way.

So, shocked into rethinking my cooking habits I recently did a big clean out of my refrigerator and cupboards.  There were many expired items and things purchased for one particular recipe never to be used again - bulgar wheat anyone?  Like the mantra with clothing, if you haven't used it in a year get rid of it.  Or at least cook something else with it right away; my Scottish heritage won't let me just toss everything!

Fruit - will it be food or compost?

I regularly waste fresh food because I don't get around to eating it.  I'm very bad at thinking "I need to eat more vegetables", so I purchase random vegetables and let them rot in the refrigerator.  This won't do.  If I simplify my diet to certain planned dishes, have a meal plan for the week, the food on hand will fit what I will actually cook and eat.  Maccaroni and cheese is good, cornbread would work, salad is possible if I prepare everything washed and cut in advance.

The kitchen and diet declutter is on!


  1. I need to go through my spice drawer now!
    My fridge gets a regular clean out because it is easy to see but things that are in a muddle just get a cursory look.
    Maybe I'll tackle the pantry today.
    Take care,

  2. I'm in big trouble if my spices need to be used within 6 months!
    I cleaned out my refrigerator yesterday so I guess I'll check my spices today.
    Have a lovely weekend.