Sunday, April 28, 2013


This year I'm going to try to stay on top of the garden, not let the weeds run rampant and chaos rule.  

 As part of this plan, a fence has been installed to keep the dog out.  On Saturday I dug up the front half of the back garden and put a path of paving stones down the centre.   I'm going to plant some very simple vegetables in this half, peas on the fence, carrots, lettuce, italian parsley, perhaps some parsnips or beets.  I may buy a couple of tomato plants or green pepper.  Not enough space for cucumber or squash, and I don't really care for squash anyway.  Potatoes perhaps, if I find some seed potatoes when I'm getting plants.  I'm only growing things I might actually eat.

The back half is a random assortment of perennials and bulbs.  One daffodil.  My peony that was from my great grandmother's garden originally.  Beebalm, a couple of types of daylily, some phlox, solomon's seal, a rhubarb, a purple cone flower.  Perhaps a fern if it survived.

The chinese lantern is a pest that has got to go, likewise any goldenrod.  The garden is also infested with bind weed so it looks okay now but I know I've got a big job ahead this year if I want to keep it presentable.
A view of the same area from last fall.  This is what I want to avoid.  I really can do better if I get out there regularly and don't let the weeds get so bad that it's overwhelming.

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