Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brown skirt

 I was taking a bag of clothing in to my local thrift store.  I did a quick browse through the skirts thinking I might find a maxi skirt for the summer.   Instead I found this rather interesting skirt in a winter weight, made in France, and a size 2 only $10 so I bought it.  No idea about the label "Palise".  And I am most definitely not a size 2 but it fits.  So perhaps with some black boots in the fall?  But I don't know what to wear for a top with this.  That's the problem with thifting "interesting" items; I fall down on the styling for the rest of the outfit. 

Here's a shot of Pico asleep in the bay window.  I think it's cute how he kind of missed the cat bed.  Kittens just crash where they are at when they get tired. 
The three that are left were at another adoptathon this Saturday but no luck finding homes.  As they get older they are not that cute looking anymore, kind of gawky with little monkey faces.  They are getting more friendly though and it is fun to have them around.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rory on Canada Day

Rory and I were invited to a BBQ on Canada Day.  I wasn't sure how he would behave, but he was fine.  Even got along with their cat, or at least ignored her!  And didn't mooch for food, knock anything over or otherwise be a bad guest. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

please adopt me!

This little cutie is Darcy.  He and his three black and white brothers are at a pet store  Wag on the Danforth today, hoping to be adopted.

Obviously there were two fathers involved with this litter!

They are cute, but the competition is pretty stiff.  Over twenty kittens in the store with them, some of them younger and cuter.  To say nothing of many more on-line at the Toronto Cat Rescue website. 

Queenie is there too, attracting some attention although she's not too happy about being there!  She has this look in the store today.
I'm going to take this opportunity to give their room a good cleaning.  Their room also functions as a craft and sewing room (in theory).   I'd like to put down new vinyl flooring in there soon, so it's a good reason to declutter and clean it out.

Update:  Well nine kittens were adopted, but none of mine.  Still counts as a success, nine is the most they've ever fond homes for in one event.

I think my guys were glad to be out of there and be back home.  Thomas Cat was glad to see them too - he loves Queenie, and gets along with the kittens too.