Saturday, June 4, 2011


Twelve pairs of jeans.  This picture was taken a while ago and I am happy to report that I don't have this many right now.  You will notice that most of these are not skinny.  I only have two pairs of skinny jeans, a dark wash and a green/grey pair.  

I almost bought another skinny pair yesterday.  My friend in the business says that skinny is on the way out - by next spring it will be wider leg jeans again.   So I don't need to buy more now, I'm already too late!

I remember a time in my twenties when I'd buy a pair of jeans, carefully allowing for the shrinkage factor, and wear them until they almost fell apart.  Now I need a different pair of jeans for every occasion!


  1. An impressive amount of jeans! If the wider leg model is coming, I will be sad. I like my jeans to be narrowish.

  2. I just got rid of my 2 pairs of skinny jeans...I love dark wash and they had faded.

    I have been wearing jeans since my teens...and I am chasing 60!
    Who knew they'd still be on my radar?

    I see that we are all about denim!